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1.H0113 adown awdone or shortened adon awdone from an unused root meaning to rule n m

2.H0114 Addown addone probably intensive for H0113 adj
Addon powerful an Israelite Probably intensive for H0113 powerful Addon apparently an Israelite Addon

3.H0134 eden ehden from the same as H0113 in the sense of strength n m
...he earth pedestals bases or sockets on which tabernacle stood From the same as H0113 in the sense of strength a basis of a building a column foundation socket

4.H0136 Adonay adonoy am emphatic form of H0113 n m
...e spoken in place of Yahweh in Jewish display of reverence An emphatic form of H0113 the Lord used as a proper name of God only my Lord

5.H0137 AdoniyBezeq adoneebehzek from H0113 and H0966 n pr m lord is Besek king of the Canaanite city of Bezek killed by Israelites From H0113 and H0966 lord of Bezek AdoniBezek a Canaanitish king Adonibezek

6.H0138 Adoniyah adoneeyaw original prolonged Adoniyahuw adoneeyawhoo from H0113 and H3050 n pr m
...aphat to teach the Law a chief of the people who cooperated with Nehemiah From H0113 and H3050 lord that is worshipper of Jah Adonijah the name of three Israelites Adonijah

7.H0139 AdoniyTsedeq adoneetsehdek from H0113 and H6664 n pr m
Adonizedek my lord is righteous Canaanite king slain by Joshua From H0113 and H6664 lord of justice AdoniTsedek a Canaanitish king Adonizedec

8.H0140 Adoniyqam adoneekawm from H0113 and H6965 n pr m
...nikam my lord arose the head of an Israelite clan who returned from exile From H0113 and H6965 lord of rising that is high Adonikam the name of one or two Israelites Adonikam

9.H0141 Adoniyram adoneerawm from H0113 and H7311 n pr m
Adoniram my lord is exalted one of Solomons officers From H0113 and H7311 lord of height Adoniram an Israelite Adoniram

10.H1081 Baladan baladawn from H1078 and H0113 contracted n pr m
...chbaladan to whom Hezekiah revealed the riches of his treasures From H1078 and H0113 contracted Bel is his lord Baladan the name of a Babylonian prince Baladan

11.H1777 diyn deen or Gen 6:3 duwn doon a primitive root comp H0113 v
...vern to contend strive Niphal to be at strife quarrel A primitive root compare H0113 to rule by implication to judge as umpire also to strive as at law contend execute judgment judge minister judgment plead the cause at strife strive

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