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1.H0610 acuwk awsook from H5480 n m
flask small oil jug From H5480 anointed that is an oil flask pot

2.H1121 ben bane from H1129 n m
...or condition like H0001 H0251 afflicted age Ahohite Ammonite Hachmonite Levite anointed one appointed to arrow Assyrian Babylonian Egyptian Grecian one born bough branch breed young bullock young calf came up in child colt common corn daugh...

3.H2608 Chananyah khananyaw or Chananyahuw khananyawhoo from H2603 and H3050 n pr m
...rting to the Chaldeans a head of a Benjamite house son of Zerubbabel from whom Christ derived His descent also called Joanna by Luke one of the sons of Bebai who returned with Ezra from Babylon a priest one of the makers of the sacred ointm...

4.H3072 Yehovah tsidqenuw yehovaw tsidkaynoo from H3068 and H6664 with pronominal suffix n pr m
...h is our righteousness a sacred name symbolically applied to Jerusalem and the Messiah From H3068 and H6664 with pronominal suffix Jehovah is our right JehovahTsidkenu a symbolical epithet of the Messiah and of Jerusalem the Lord our righte...

5.H3323 yitshar yitshawr from H6671 n m
... oil shining pure oil From H6671 oil as producing light figuratively anointing anointed oil

6.H3548 kohen kohane active participle of H3547 n m
priest principal officer or chief ruler priestking Melchizedek Messiah pagan priests priests of Jehovah Levitical priests Zadokite priests Aaronic priests the high priest Active participle of H3547 literally one officiating a priest also by...

7.H3556 kowkab kokawb probably from the same as H3522 in the sense of rolling or H3554 in the sense of blazing n m
star of Messiah brothers youth numerous progeny personification Gods omniscience fig Probably from the same as H3522 in the sense of rolling or H3554 in the sense of blazing a star as round or as shining figuratively a prince stargazer

8.H4442 MalkiyTsedeq malkeetsehdek from H4428 and H6664 n pr m
...ught to free Lot the order of Melchizedek the order of the priesthood to which Christ belongs From H4428 and H6664 king of right MalkiTsedek an early king in Palestine Melchizedek

9.H4473 mimshach mimshakh from H4886 in the sense of expansion n m
anointed expansion meaning uncertain From H4886 in the sense of expansion outspread that is with outstretched wings anointed

10.H4502 minnezar minezawr from H5144 n m
princes anointed ones consecrated ones meaning dubious From H5144 a prince crowned

11.H4886 mashach mawshakh a primitive root v
...iquid Qal to smear to anoint as consecration to anoint consecrate Niphal to be anointed A primitive root to rub with oil that is to anoint by implication to consecrate also to paint anoint paint

12.H4888 mishchah meeshkhaw or moshchah moshkhaw from H4886 n f portion From H4886 unction the act by implication a consecratory gift to be anointed anointing ointment

13.H4899 mashiyach mawsheeakh from H4886 n m
anointed anointed one of the Messiah Messianic prince of the king of Israel of the high priest of Israel of Cyrus of the patriarchs as anointed kings From H4886 anointed usually a consecrated person as a king priest or saint specifically th...

14.H5177 Nachshown nakhshone from H5172 n pr m
...irst numbering in the wilderness 5th in descent from Judah in the genealogy of Christ From H5172 enchanter Nachshon an Israelite Naashon Nahshon

15.H5257 neciyk neseek from H5258 n m
poured out libation molten image one anointed libation drinkoffering molten image prince anointed one From H5258 properly something poured out that is a libation also a molten image by implication a prince as anointed drink offering duke pr...

16.H5258 nacak nawsak a primitive root v
... offer cast Qal to pour out to cast metal images to anoint a king Niphal to be anointed Piel to pour out as a libation Hiphil to pour out libations Hophal to be poured out to set install Qal to install Niphal to be installed A primitive roo...

17.H6005 Immanuwel immawnooale from H5973 and H0410 with a pronominal suffix inserted n pr m
...l God with us or with us is God symbolic and prophetic name of the Messiah the Christ prophesying that He would be born of a virgin and would be God with us From H5973 and H0410 with suffix pronoun inserted with us is God Immanuel a name of...

18.H6557 Perets pehrets the same as H6556 n pr m
... Hezronites and Hamulites from the Hezronites came the royal line of David and Christ The same as H6556 Perets the name of two Israelites Perez Pharez

19.H6659 Tsadowq tsawdoke from H6663 n pr m
... joined David after Sauls death and supported him against Absalom and Adonijah anointed Solomon as king a priest son of Meraioth father of Meshullam of the house of Ahitub apparently a nephew of 1 father of Jerusha the wife of king Uzziah a...

20.H6664 tsedeq tsehdek from H6663 n m
...ures righteousness in government of judges rulers kings of law of Davidic king Messiah of Jerusalem as seat of just government of Gods attribute righteousness justice in case or cause rightness in speech righteousness as ethically right rig...

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