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21.H6666 tsedaqah tsedawkaw from H6663 n f
...ousness righteousness in government of judge ruler king of law of Davidic king Messiah righteousness of Gods attribute righteousness in a case or cause righteousness truthfulness righteousness as ethically right righteousness as vindicated ...

22.H6780 tsemach tsehmakh from H6779 n m
sprout growth branch sprouting growth sprout growth of process sprout shoot of Messiah from Davidic tree From H6779 a sprout usually concretely literally or figuratively branch bud that which where grew upon springing

23.H7343 Rachab rawkhawb the same as H7342 n pr f
...ved from the destruction of Jericho married Salmon an ancestor of David and of Christ commended for her faith in the book of James The same as H7342 proud Rachab a Canaanitess Rahab

24.H7886 Shiyloh sheelo from H7951 n tranquillity meaning uncertain From H7951 tranquil Shiloh an epithet of the Messiah Shiloh

25.H8396 Tabowr tawbore from a root corresponding to H8406
...ace of an oak tree which was on the homeward journey of Saul after he had been anointed by Samuel From a root corresponding to H8406 broken region Tabor a mountain in Palestine also a city adjacent Tabor

26.H8438 towla tolaw and fem towleah tolayaw or towlaath tolahath or tolaath tolahath from H3216 n m
...mmercial scarlet dyes of antiquity were extracted What a picture this gives of Christ dying on the tree shedding His precious blood that He might bring many sons unto glory Heb 2:10 He died for us that we might live through Him Ps 22:6 desc...

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