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21.G2264 Herodes hayrodace compound of heros a hero and G1491 n pr m
...ign just after having ordered James the apostle son of Zebedee to be slain and Peter to be cast into prison Acts 12:21 Herod Agrippa II son of Herod Agrippa I When his father died he was a youth of seventeen In AD 48 he received from Claudi...

22.G2303 theion thion probably of G2304 in its original sense of flashing n n
brimstone divine incense because burning brimstone was regarded as having power to purify and to ward off disease Probably neuter of G2304 in its original sense of flashing sulphur brimstone

23.G2306 theiodes thiodace from G2303 and G1491 adj
of brimstone sulphurous From G2303 and G1491 sulphur like that is sulphurous brimstone

24.G2393 iaspis eeaspis probably of foreign origin see H3471 n f
jasper a precious stone of various colours for some are purple others blue others green and others the colour of brass There is one kind called the Aeizusa like to air and another Crystallizusa clear as crystal So Pliny speaks of a white Ja...

25.G2495 Ionas eeonas of Hebrew origin H3124 n pr m
...r and lived during the reign of Jeroboam II king of Israel Jonas the father of Peter Of Hebrew origin H3124 Jonas that is Jonah the name of two Israelites Jonas

26.G2642 katalithazo katalithadzo from G2596 and G3034 v
to overwhelm with stones to stone From G2596 and G3034 to stone down that is to death stone

27.G2776 kephale kefalay from the primary kapto in the sense of seizing n f
... wife of Christ the Lord of the husband and of the Church of things the corner stone Probably from the primary word kapto in the sense of seizing the head as the part most readily taken hold of literally or figuratively head

28.G2786 Kephas kayfas of Aramaic origin H3710 n pr m
Cephas stone another name for the apostle Peter Of Chaldee origin compare H3710 the Rock Cephas that is Kepha surname of Peter Cephas

29.G2930 krustallos kroostallos from a derivative of kruos frost n m
crystal a kind of precious stone From a derivative of kruos frost ice that is by analogy rock crystal crystal

30.G2998 latomeo latomeho from the same as the first part of G2991 and the base of G5114 v
to cut stones to hew out stones From the same as the first part of G2991 and the base of G5114 to quarry hew

31.G3034 lithazo lithadzo from G3037 v
to overwhelm or pelt with stones of stoning a Jewish mode of punishment to pelt one with stones in order either to wound or kill him From G3037 to lapidate stone

32.G3035 lithinos litheenos from G3037 adj
of stone From G3037 stony that is made of stone of stone

33.G3036 lithoboleo lithoboleho from a compound of G3037 and G0906 v
to kill by stoning to stone to pelt one with stones From a compound of G3037 and G0906 to throw stones that is lapidate stone cast stones

34.G3037 lithos leethos apparently a primary word n m
a stone of small stones of building stones metaph of Christ Apparently a primary word a stone literally or figuratively millstone stumblingstone

35.G3038 lithostrotos lithostrotos from G3037 and a derivative of G4766 adj
spread paved with stones a mosaic or tessellated pavement of a place near the praetorium or palace of Jerusalem an apartment whose pavement consists of tessellated work of places in the outer courts of temple The word for Pavement is found ...

36.G3124 Malchos malkhos of Hebrew origin H4429 n pr m
...king or kingdom was the name of the servant of the high priest whose right ear Peter cut off at the time of Christs arrest in the garden Of Hebrew origin H4429 Malchus an Israelite Malchus

37.G3139 marmaros marmaros from marmairo to glisten n m
a stone a rock marble From marmairo to glisten marble as sparkling white marble

38.G3457 mulikos mooleekos from G3458 adj
belonging to a mill made of millstone From G3458 belonging to a mill millstone

39.G3458 mulos moolos probably ultimately from the base of G3433 through the idea of hardship n m
a mill stone a large mill consisted of two stones an upper and an under one the nether stone was stationary but the upper one was turned by an ass a mill the noise made by a mill Probably ultimately from the base of G3433 through the idea o...

40.G3684 onikos onikos from G3688 adj
of or for an ass turned by an ass these beasts were often employed to turn millstones From G3688 belonging to an ass that is large so as to be turned by an ass millstone

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