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61.G5555 chrusolithos khroosoleethos from G5557 and G3037 n m
chrysolite is a precious stone of golden colour From G5557 and G3037 gold stone that is a yellow gem chrysolite chrysolite

62.G5556 chrusoprasos khroosoprasos from G5557 and prason a leek n m
chrysoprasus is a stone of green colour inclined to that of gold from whence it has its name for this is agate in the breast plate which was Naphtalis stone Gill From G5557 and prason a leek a greenish yellow gem chrysoprase chrysoprase

63.G5586 psephos psayfos from the same as G5584 n f
a small worn smooth stone a pebble in the ancient courts of justice the accused were condemned by black pebbles and the acquitted by white a vote on account of the use of pebbles in voting From the same as G5584 a pebble as worn smooth by h...

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